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4 x AAA 950mAh low self-discharge Rechargeable batteries - Vapextech

by Vapextech

AAA 4 x NiMH Rechargeable Batteries NEW LSD Technology 950mAh



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AA 4 x NiMH Rechargeable Batteries NEW Technology 950mAh

1 x Pack of 4 in with case 

Nominal Voltage   1.2v                 
Max. Charged Voltage             1.5v  
Normal Charge 500mA Approx 1.9 Hours
Fast Charge 1000mAh Approx 1 Hour
Rapid Charge 4000mAh N/A
Capacity 950mAh Discharged at 0.2c (190ma)
Minimal >850mA Discharged at 1,0c (950ma)
Max dischage current 2.7 Amps  
Life >1000 Cycles IEC Standard

The NiMh AAA batteries are supplied charged, so just use them straight after purchase.
The LSD Vapextech batteries discharge at a much slower rate than conventional NiMH batteries, so even a year after being charged there is still lots of the initial charge available. You get the benefits of traditional 
NiMH rechargeable batteries, without the drawbacks, you can still use a standard NiMH charger to charge them up again. So it's like having an Alkaline battery that you can charge!

For more information about our rechargeable batteries, see here.

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