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Radio Control

Browse through all of our radio controlled and model batteries below. We stock a wide range of options from 4.8v batteries to 14.4v batteries RX / TX and lipo and life power packs. All our designed to withstand the demands of radio controlled applications and come in a variety of types and fittings to meet your requirements.

Types of Radio Control Batteries

Here’s some more information about the three types of model batteries we provide:

NiMH – NiMH model batteries are ideal for ready-to-run (RTR) items such as cars, trains and boats. NiMH packs are constructed with cylindrical cells (usually 6-8) similar to those used in flashlights and TV remote controls. Their nickel-metal packs are rugged, competitively priced and won’t require any special care.

LiPo – LiPo model batteries are lighter than NiMH of a similar voltage and capacity, which makes your model feel more powerful. LiPo’s also have the unique ability to maintain their voltage longer as the pack is depleted. The majority of LiPo batteries are used in RC cars are 2 or 3 cell configurations assembled with flat slab-like cells.

LiFe –LiFe (Lithium Iron Phosphate) model batteries offer better power density, low discharge rate plus a higher number of charge cycles. Used as an alternative for lead-starter batteries and have found applications in cars, bicycles and solar devices. They’re lightweight making them easy to store and well suited for use in applications that require high-load currents.

High Quality Radio Control Batteries

Radio Control batteries from Vapextech conform to ISO9001 so that you can be confident of purchasing a high quality product which delivers on power. Whether you enjoy competitive racing as part of a club or a series, or you drive fly or sail radio control models just for fun. We have the reliable high quality power sources for you.

If you have any questions about the batteries we sell, please contact us.