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4.8v batteries - 7.2v batteries

We stock a wide range of radio controlled 4.8v batteries to 7.2v batteries, all manufactured to the highest standards to ensure longevity and reliability. Browse through our selection of 4.8v to 7.2v batteries below and find out more about our individual product specifications.

4.8v Batteries to 7.2v Batteries for RC Models and AEG’s

How do you use your 4.8v batteries or 7.2v batteries?

Radio Control Vehicles
Without specialist battery power, radio controlled model vehicles would not be able to operate. These types of batteries are usually grouped into packs which act as a lightweight power source for the vehicle’s receivers and transmitters. Whether you like to drive a radio controlled car, 4x4, truck, motorbike, pilot a plane, helicopter, or glider, or sail a model water going vessel like a boat or hovercraft. All the fun of this hobby would not be possible without the small yet powerful 4.8v to 7.2v batteries from Vapextech. RC models all require a battery system which is lightweight and reliable in order to deliver the optimum control and performance, especially if you are using your miniature vehicle competitively.

AEG’s for Airsoft
An automatic electric gun, otherwise known as an AEG, relies on battery power for its operation. In the heat of competition and in the middle of an airsoft fire fight you need to know that your battery cells are going to deliver on performance. Vapextech 4.8v batteries and their counterpart 7.2v batteries are designed and manufactured to give a high quality and consistent output whether you are using them in a semi automatic airsoft gun like an MP5, a D94S M16 Electric Airsoft Rifle, an SCAR or a smaller pistol. These small batteries usually fit into the hand guard but check your manufacturers instructions to be certain.

Compact 4.8v Batteries and 7.2 v Batteries from Vapextech

Vapextech 4.8v batteries - 7.2v batteries are compactly configures into flat, square and hump groupings to fit a variety of applications. Buy high quality batteries online today, or if you have any queries, please contact us.