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Batteries Guide

Want to learn more about our batteries? We’ve put together a batteries guide to help you find out more about the specific types of batteries we supply throughout the country. We’re the exclusive UK suppliers of Vapextech batteries and pride ourselves on both the extensive amount of choice available, and the exceptional quality of all of our batteries. Browse through our full range online or get in touch with a member of our expert team.

Batteries Guide

 Types of Batteries Available from Vapextech:

Here at Vapextech, we stock a wide range of model batteries which are specifically designed for users with model control pieces such as model aircraft and radio controlled cars. Our batteries are extremely powerful and light and so lend themselves perfectly to these applications.

Batteries and the power they give are a huge part and a key component for airsoft guns. Vapextech supply a high-quality selection of airsoft batteries. Ensure you get the right power for your weapon.

Rechargeable batteries are a no brainer decision in the 21st century for the vast majority of applications and uses. Vapextech rechargeable batteries are perfect for hobbies such as airsoft, remote control and model vehicles.

LiPo batteries or lithium polymer batteries are one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries. Supplied in pouch form, they are manufactured into a range of different configurations to meet the requirements of airsoft guns, radio controlled cars and electrical equipment.

Solar light batteries enable your solar lights to harness and recharge using the suns energy. Old or outdated solar light batteries can get worn out after extensive use and so it's essential to replace these to ensure that your solar lights perform to their optimum level.

8 bay chargers are a great way to quickly recharge your batteries. Our chargers can facilitate a combination of AA and AAA batteries, and come with a variety of features to reduce the risk of overcharging and to make it easier to tell when your batteries are fully charged.

We stock a wide range of 8 cell chargers to recharge your batteries quickly and efficiently. Benefit from safety features such as automatic trickle charge after full charge, reverse polarity protection and wrong battery alerts.

LiFe batteries are incredibly popular because of their long life compared to other lithium-ion batteries. Life batteries are available from 8v to 12v and are extremely popular for use in airsoft guns. Find out more about life batteries by following the link above or browse our full range online.

Here a Vapextech we stock a wide range of 4.8v batteries to meet your needs. Many of our 4.8v batteries are low self-discharge batteries, providing an initial charge and higher residual charge over their lifetime.

We stock a wide range of 6v batteries for a wide range of applications, ranging from camera to airsoft batteries. All of our 6v batteries are competitively priced and some are available with discounts if multiple are bought - please see individual products for more information. 

We stock a wide range of 6.6v batteries specifically designed for use with receivers and transmitters. Browse through our wide range online, or get in touch for more information. 

7.2v batteries are some of our most popular airsoft batteries. They are available in a wide range of battery pack configurations and fittings dependant on your requirements, please explore our range online and get your 7.2v batteries delivered to your door. 

Our range of 7.4v batteries contains batteries for airsoft, model and general use. All of our 7.4v batteries are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest levels to ensure that you receive long-lasting and powerful batteries at incredible prices. 

We stock a selection of 8.4v in a range of different types including mini, standard and 2 leg - specifically designed for use in airsoft guns. Explore our full range online - if you have any questions about our products then please get in touch with a member of our expert team. 

Our production plant tests over 100,000 batteries a day to ensure we can bring you the highest quality 9.6v batteries available - which don't drop voltage even with heavy use. If you're interested in opening a trade account for our products then please get in touch. 

We stock a wide range of 9.9v batteries for both domestic and commercial uses. Many of our 9.9v batteries are LiFe batteries which are designed for high demand applications such as airsoft guns.

11.1v batteries are some of our highest voltage batteries available from Vapextech. Most are fitted with a mini tamya fitting and are wired for airsoft use. Our 11.1V batteries are available to buy both singularly or in bulk dependant on your requirements.