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Airsoft Batteries

In airsoft warfare, your battery is what determines whether you win or lose your battle. The last thing you need, with an enemy player in your sights, is a battery that can’t deliver the required output for player elimination. So, your airsoft battery and charger are essential for all player who wants to remain competitive and on top.

The most common airsoft weapons in use today are AEG (Airsoft Electric Guns), and here at Vapextech, you can find the exact battery to match your gun. Our batteries deliver the absolute maximum performance and output ensuring you never fall short.

Here at Vapextech, we offer a range of Airsoft, BB Gun Batteries and Model/RC Cars, available in our online store. We supply a wide variety of battery types, ranging from Li-Po, Ni-Mh, Li-Fe, and more.

All You Need to Know About Airsoft Batteries

When it comes to airsoft it’s all about performance and how long your weapon can sustain that performance. The rate of fire (ROF) and overall performance and durability of an airsoft electric gun (AEG) have a direct connection with the power and capacity of your battery.

Airsoft Batteries

Here are our tips for picking the right battery

We recommend upgrading all 8.4V low-performance battery and cheap chargers that tend to come with the weapon as standard, for a battery with better performance and durability. Opt for at least a 1600 mAh or higher rating for AEG rifles.

Alternatively, a 9.6V NiMH battery is recommended for powering an AEG with feet per second (FPS) output rating over 350.

Certain AEGs equipped with a high torque motor may allow a lower power battery pack to be used at the cost of rate of fire (ROF).

Finding the balance between ROF and FPS of your rifle is critical. Expect to use a higher power battery as the FPS increases to prevent potential gear locking. Avoid using batteries not suited to your gun or running lower power batteries. At Vapextech we strike this balance by offering batteries that deliver maximum performance on all fronts. So, you’re guaranteed not to be let down on the battlefield.

Airsoft Batteries

Speak to Vapextech for Airsoft Batteries

Our batteries have a wide range of applications, ranging from actual AEG batteries to batteries for RC and model vehicles such as boats, planes, drones and cars. If you’d like to know more about our battery outputs, power capabilities and uses. Then speak to the team at Vapextech. We are the UK’s largest importer of Vapextech batteries and have found these batteries to be far superior to others on the market.

Airsoft Batteries