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9.9v Batteries

Here at Vapextech, we stock a wide range of 9.9v batteries available to purchase for both domestic and commercial use. Vapextech is a renowned manufacturer of batteries and stock an extensive selection of different types of batteries, including airsoft, lipo, life and model batteries. 9.9v batteries are some of our highest voltage batteries and provide excellent levels of power and life.

Choosing your 9.9v Batteries:

Many of our 9.9v batteries are LiFe batteries – which are designed for high power applications, regularly being used in airsoft guns. Dependant on your requirements we have a selection of different configurations available including crane, flat and cranstock – to ensure that you can find the right 9.9v batteries for your needs from Vapextech.

9.9v batteries

We pride ourselves on making the hunt for the right batteries as easy as possible and stock an extensive selection of 9.9v batteries for you to choose from, for the best price available. You can either buy our 9.9v batteries singularly, or in bulk dependant on your requirements, and these are then delivered to your door.

Browse our 9.9v Batteries Online:

In addition to our 9.9v batteries, we also stock a wide range of other rechargeable batteries in voltages from 4.8v to 12v, as well as many different types of leads, connectors and chargers to ensure that your batteries continue to work perfectly, long after purchase. If you’re unsure which of our batteries you need, or if you have any questions then please get in touch with a member of our team.