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9.6v Batteries

Our 9.6v batteries are one of the highest voltage batteries available from Vapextech and lend themselves to applications that require high and long-lasting power. Expert knowledge and cutting edge technology goes into every one of our batteries and we are constantly developing new products to extend battery life and improve the consumer experience at our well equipped and dedicated production plant. The production plant tests more than 100,000  pieces a day to ensure that all of our batteries are of the highest quality.

9.6v Batteries

Our range of 9.6v batteries is wide and varied and includes batteries for:

Radio controlled batteries – used for model control equipment such as model aircraft and radio controlled cars.

Airsoft batteries – specifically designed and developed for use in airsoft guns.

Radio controlled batteries are available in a range of battery packs, and the airsoft batteries can be purchased in mini, cranstock and stick dependant on the requirements of your airsoft gun. Our batteries are now the favourite for many airsoft gun users because of their exceptional power, which doesn’t drop even when the voltage is high. Don’t settle for second best and increase the time between charging with our range of 9.6v batteries.

Open a Trade Account for 9.6V Batteries:

Browse our wide range of 9.6v batteries which includes a selection of different mAh levels and fittings. If you would like to find out more about our range of batteries then please get in touch with a member of our team. We’re experts in the field and so can answer any questions about our products or services. There’s also the option to open a trade account if you require our 9.6v batteries for commercial use.