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8 Bay Charger

One of our most popular chargers is our 8 bay charger which is a fast smart charger and there are many reasons why this is a favourite for many.

Rechargeable batteries are now common place in most homes, with people enjoying the many benefits of this technology. Rechargeable batteries are nothing without a charger though and it’s essential that you get a high quality charger to keep your batteries in top condition.

Here at Vapextech we stock a wide range of both batteries and chargers to keep your electronics up and running. 

8 Bay Charger

Tne Benefits of an 8 Bay Charger:

  • It charges the batteries quickly, in 1-5 hours dependant on how many batteries are charging
  • Charges 8 batteries, so there’s no need to decide which appliance or technology needs it most.
  • Can be used with a car adapter for charging when you’re on the go.

This 8 bay charger comes with an electric LCD display which makes it easy to keep track of the charge status. It is also fitted with technology which detects the health status of the cells and will alert you if the battery is unsuitable for this 8 bay charger.  It’s suitable for AA/AAA batteries and so is a handy charger for many electronic items. The batteries life is well protected by negative delta V cut-off function and timer protection.

Find out more about our 8 bay chargers:

Pair our 8 bay chargers with our rechargeable batteries to get exceptional power time and time again. We supply our Vapextech batteries throughout the UK and they’re extremely popular because of their reliability and value for money. Browse our chargers online and if you would like to find out more about our 8 bay charger then please contact a member of our team