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8.4V 1600mAh 2/3A NiMH mini battery Airsoft Vapextech 2 Leg

by Vapextech

8.4v 1600mAh Airsoft Battery made from 2/3A size Vapextech cells For Airsoft guns like AEG High Capacity cells , longer run times.



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Vapextech Airsoft Batteries are made with the requirements for airsoft's high demands.These batteries keep high voltage even on high current demand with minimal voltage drop. This means for the user has high rate of fire (ROF) and long run times due to the true high capacity of these packs.  


Capacity: 1600mAh Measured @ 320mA (0.2C)
  >1460mAh Measured @ 25A
Weight: 177g  
Max Discharge Current: >25 Amps  
Max Charge Current: 1600mAh  
Internal Resistance: <40 mOhms At full charge
Size 117 mmx17 mm & x 87mm x 17mm  
Fitting Mini Tamiya  

  This Airsoft pack comes with a Mini Tamiya fitting

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