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7.4v Batteries

Vapextech supply batteries throughout the country and are now the first choice for many when choosing airsoft or model batteries. We pride ourselves on our wide choice of products and provide an extensive selection of voltage levels from 4.8v right through to 12v as well as many chargers to keep your batteries fully charged.

The Range of 7.4v Batteries

One of our most popular types of batteries is 7.4v batteries with some specifically designed for airsoft and model use. Many of our 7.4 batteries are LiPo which means they’re lithium polymer batteries, which is one of the most popular variations of rechargeable batteries available. They are widely used in airsoft circles because of their ability to fit large amounts of power into small packages and have high discharge rates which can cope with demanding applications. Airsoft 7.4v batteries are available in pouch format and this means that they can be manufactured to any shape or configuration dependant on the requirements of the item. This versatility and power make them very widely used, and they are now a common element in an array of different technologies.

Learn more about our 7.4v batteries:

You can browse through our wide range of 7.4v batteries online, which includes saddle packs, burst, cranstock and hard cased batteries. We offer delivery throughout the country for both businesses and domestic customers. If you would like to find out more about our 7.4v  batteries then please get in touch with a member of our team who can answer any questions you may have. We offer quick delivery throughout the country, so you can get your 7.4v batteries in no time! Choose Vapextech for a wide range of 7.4v batteries.