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6.6v 1000mAh LiFe RX Battery - Vapextech Flat VP93572

by Vapextech

6.6v 1000mAh LiFe Rechargeable Battery Vapextech 93541


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6.6v 1000mAh LiFe RX Battery Vapextech Flat

Capacity: 1000mAh           2S1P
Weight: 50g  
Max Discharge Current: 4.8 Amps Continuous
Max Charge Current: 1.6 Amps  
Max Charge Voltage:  7.2v 3.6v per cell
Cut off Voltage: 5.6v 2.8v 
Wire gauge: 23awg High temp silicon


Size            Hight             Lenght         Width        
Leg 1 17mm 30mm 56mm
  n/a n/a n/a
  n/a n/a n/a

Supplied as standard terminated in Futaba connector select JST if needed. 

These 6.6v LiFe batteries comes with balancing lead with a 3 pin JST-XH connector, 
the most common type around & fully compatible with our lipo/life chargers.

Read instructions for safe use of charging & storage.

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