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6.6v Batteries

Here at Vapextech, we stock a range of LiFe 6.6v batteries throughout the country. All of our 6.6v batteries are LiFe Tx and Rx which means they are specially designed for use in transmitters and receivers for your radio controlled models. These batteries are part of an extensive selection of model batteries which meet the needs of radio control users. Our batteries are extremely powerful, long-lasting and lightweight, which are perfect for radio controlled vehicles.

6.6v Batteries Production

Our 6.6v batteries are available in a range of mAh levels and with a choice of fitting – either futaba or JST, to ensure you can find the right battery for your requirements. All of our 6.6v batteries are available for purchase either in bulk or singularly. 

6.6v Batteries

Vapextech batteries are manufactured to the highest standards in our dedicated research and manufacturing facility in Hong Kong. The high capacity of the production plant enables us to test more than 100,000 batteries per day, and ensure that our products work to the highest standards. We’re the sole UK importer of Vapextech batteries and provide fast and efficient delivery to your door. All of our batteries are rechargeable which makes them incredibly cost and energy efficient. In addition to our 6.6v batteries, we also stock an extensive selection of leads, connectors and chargers to ensure you’re fully equipped whatever you require.

Get in touch for 6.6v Batteries:

If you have any questions about our 6.6v batteries then please get in touch with a member of our team who can answer any questions about our products. Browse our 6.6v batteries online and order for quick delivery. Finding the right 6.6v batteries has never been easier!