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4.8v Batteries

Searching for 4.8v batteries? Vapextech specialises in supplying an extensive selection of 4.8v batteries throughout the country. Vapextech batteries are renowned for their exceptional quality and not only produce standard batteries, but also an extensive selection of speciality batteries for model radio controlled equipment and airsoft guns.

4.8v batteries

4.8v batteries are an extremely popular type of battery for model control, used to power some of the smaller equipment available. They are usually in battery pack form and use high capacity cells to ensure longer running times and high power. 4.8v batteries can be purchased in a range of different configurations which will be specified in your model control equipment – take a look at your product instructions for more information.  We stock hump, flat and square batteries to power both receivers and models.

Low Self Discharge 4.8v Batteries

Many of our 4.8v batteries are also ‘low self-discharge batteries’ which are also known as ready to use batteries. These batteries come with charge within them and so can be used straight away, the residual charge also means that the batteries last much longer and can be left unused for long periods of time without deteriorating. The rechargeable nature of these 4.8v batteries also makes them extremely cost and energy efficient, reducing the need for continuously purchasing one-use batteries.

Browse our 4.8v Batteries Online:

If you would like to learn more about our 4.8v batteries then please get in touch with a member of our expert team who can answer any questions you may have. You can order all of our batteries online and we offer discounts on some of our batteries if bought in bulk – see individual products for details. If you’re buying for trade, you can set up a trade account with us, get in touch for more details.