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11.1v Batteries - Vapextech

Here at Vapextech we stock a wide range of 11.1v batteries specifically designed for use in airsoft guns. The airsoft sport is highly demanding and so the batteries must be of the highest quality providing both long lasting power and consistent voltages. Our range is specifically designed for this with lipo technology, to give long lasting power without the drop in voltage associated with extended use.

Why Choose Lipo 11.1v Batteries?

Lipo 11.1v batteries are also particularly suited to airsoft use because they are lightweight and so do not hinder performance by making the airsoft gun harder to carry. They are also flexible in shape and so can be manufactured to suit the specific space requirements of the gun. This makes them one of the most popular batteries specified to this equipment. W supply to many people in this sport, and are now renowned for the exceptional quality of our products. 

Vapextech 11.1v Batteries

Our 11.1v batteries are available with deans or mini tamiya fittings, but most come in a mini tamiya fitting as standard and wired for airsoft use. They are also compatible with our lipo chargers, making them a cost-effective and energy efficient method of powering your airsoft gun.

Order 11.1v Batteries Online: 

We stock a wide range of 11.1v batteries in a range of different mAh dependant on your requirements and various C ratings, which you can order online. Order singularly or in bulk and get your batteries delivered to your door! If you have any questions about our 11.1v batteries then please get in touch with a member of our expert team – we’re on hand to help you with anything you may need.